Consulting Services
Teaching creative thinking is rewarding work because we show everyone we come into contact with that creativity is a skill that anyone can learn. Creative thinking skills unleash incredible energy, unparalleled teamwork and a collective desire to keep changing for the better!

We bring our clients the benefit of more than 20 years' experience in the following fields:
Teaching Creative Thinking - thinking beyond the current limits to create what could be
Innovation - managing and profiting from applied creativity
Problem-Solving - turning problems into opportunities
Strategic Planning - envisioning and designing the future, then creating the plan
Concept and Product Development
Process and Product Improvement - "If it ain't broke, Improve It!"
Thinking Tools & Methods - creative thinking skills, which help managers to plan, decide, and innovate; using common conceptual tools across the organization
Team Skills & Team Development - thinking systems which boost team performance
Human Resource Development - managing the innovative workplace
Mutual Gains (Win/Win) Bargaining & Negotiation - creating mutual preferred solutions

The perspective we bring to our clients is applicable to both the corporate and public sectors.

We focus first on people and how they interact, second, on what they can produce. As a result, our clients are diverse. They come from all functional areas, and many levels, across a wide spectrum of enterprises. By teaching creative thinking, we have helped these companies expand their creative thinking skills and thus improving workflow and output.

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