In-House Programs
Proven strategies to improve decision-making, business leadership skills, strengthen leadership, foster innovative ideas and solve problems.

We design customized, state-of-the art senior management development training programs aimed at raising your organization's Innovation Quotient. We do this by elevating your employees' "operating intelligence" in a number of areas, such as:

Thinking skills
Problem solving

In-house training can be held on your premises or offsite. Programs are modular, and they range from half-day sessions to weeklong periods. They offer a cost-effective, made-to-measure alternative to public seminars. These seminars range from senior management development to business leadership skills and everything in between.

We also offer keynote speaking on creativity and innovation for meetings, conferences, and special events.

Whether you're in finance, production, marketing, sales, human resources or information technology, the workshops will explore new approaches and proven, full-spectrum thinking methods that have helped senior management development and other executives triple, even quadruple their output of smart business solutions through new business leadership skills. Equally important, the seminars show you how to recognize creative thinking in others, bring out the creative potential of your work-groups, and even grasp the thinking processes of your competitors.

Real-world results!

Participants in our programs report a significant financial Return On Investment as a direct result of the improvements we've facilitated in their organization.

This is because they learn how to identify - and escape from - outdated thinking patterns, and how to build innovative new thinking paradigms whenever they know they need them … it's innovation, on demand!

Without the loss of a single employee, one multinational manufacturer used our techniques to reduce expenses by $2,000,000 in just four months following the training. Other clients report 75% less time spent in meetings, decision-making, and communication. See our testimonials, case studies.

Creative people are innovative, enthusiastic, and productive.

Innovative- they develop new solutions that have direct results on the bottom-line.

Enthusiastic- releasing their creativity builds a whole new level of positive morale into their team.

Productive- they find solutions to minor and major problems in less time, and also recognize and capitalize on opportunities.

"Excellent! Never thought that one can learn to think. One of the rare courses that should be compulsory for everyone who makes decisions…The methods I learned in this course are useful not only in business but in all areas of life. This course showed me that creativity is a skill which can be learned."
-Ramesh Gupta / Systems Analyst, Alcan Aluminium


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