Fred Rosenzveig
President of The Institute For Thinking Development, an international consulting organization based in Montreal.
Developer of successful consulting services and training programs for a wide range of corporate clients, in the areas of banking, computers, consulting, engineering and research, insurance, manufacturing, marketing, mining, media, packaged goods, pharmaceuticals, publishing, real estate, and telecommunications.

Training consultant in thinking skills and creative problem-solving to the management of many Canadian federal government departments and agencies, such as the Canadian Armed Forces, Canadian International Development Agency, The Auditor General's Office, and the National Film Board of Canada. Consultant and trainer for four provincial governments, involving executives up to the Deputy Minister level.

Developer and teacher of on-going training programs for McGill University Management Institute, Ottawa University Executive Development Program, Queen's University Industrial Relations Center, and Waterloo Management Education Center.

Keynote speaker and nationally-sponsored trainer for a wide variety of professional groups and associations: accountants, professional writers, hospital administrators, marketers, teachers, pharmaceutical manufacturers, research scientists, newspaper publishers, and human resource trainers.

Researcher and invited expert presenter at major International Conferences, e.g. the International Conference on Thinking (Harvard), the First Canadian Conference on Thinking (U. of Toronto) and the Learned Societies of Canada.


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