In-House Programs
Proven strategies to improve decision-making, strengthen leadership, foster innovative ideas and solve problems

The MindRange center for innovative leadership offers a cost-effective, tailored-to-measure alternative to public seminars.
An in-house management training course can be held on your premises or at a site of your choice. We work with your current challenges, and we design the process to achieve your objectives. Programs are modular ranging from half-day to weeklong periods.
We also offer keynote speaking on creativity and innovation for meetings, conferences, and special events.

Consulting Services
The center for innovative leadership offers consulting in a wide range of thinking areas, specializing in:
Strategic Planning
Team Building and Development
Management Training Course
Leadership and Executive thinking systems

Public Seminars
Management training courses and leading-edge executive seminars in Creative Thinking and Strategic Thinking are taught by Fred Rosenzveig, president of The Institute of Thinking Development.
These 2 to 3 days seminars, can be scheduled throughout the year. They are aimed at middle and senior managers and professionals from all fields of both private and public enterprise and are available on demand.
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UNITED STATES: The University of Miami School of Continuing & International Education now offers scheduled 2 to 3-day public seminars.
Next seminars will take place on  To be announced 
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Special Event : Next session:  November 6-7th,2014 ; An additional 2-day seminar will be offered in Nassau, The Bahamas.
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Creative thinking can bolster bottom line
Fort Lauderdale's Sun Sentinel, January 1st, 2004
We were asked to chart "our ideal vacation" on a blank sheet of paper. It was an easy topic, and the felt-tipped pens were soon flowing. For me, places like Australia and New Zealand, and idyllic spots in Europe came to mind. My chosen activities include ... more

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