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"Will find many of the techniques useful in my present position of Planner when facilitating group planning and problem solving."
-Carole Gouldson / Planner, Philips Information Systems

The Creative Thinking Skills seminar you conducted for our Marketing Department was one of most useful two days of learning I have experienced in recent memory. Creative thinking skills can be learned - and specifically applied to a variety of tasks and problems. I have used, and witnessed the use of several, and I am greatly encouraged with the results - we are developing more creative and different solutions to problems.
Thanks again for your assistance in helping us develop these very valuable skills. Please feel free to use the above comments in any promotional material and I would be glad to be a reference for any of your future clients.

-Peter R. Cosentino / V.P. - Consumer Products Marketing, Johnson Wax

On behalf of the Western Region management team I want to thank you for arranging the excellent program put on by Fred Rosenveig. The topic of THINKING SKILLS and CREATIVE PROBLEM SOLVING was both appropriate and timely. With all of the challenges we face, being able to identify innovative solutions is critical to our success. The management team demonstrated enthusiastic appreciation for the ideas that Fred shared and the techniques that he taught. Fred's teaching style and his command of the topic were a perfect match for the group to benefit immensely. Many of the managers approached me after the meeting to thank me for the session and expressed their determination to apply the techniques they have learned. I can attest to the fact that during the remaining two days of our staff meeting the group used several of the techniques when discussing regional issues and actions. Already there is a change in the language used by the team as they discuss regional problems and opportunities. I am looking forward to reaping the benefits from the two-day session.
-Rod Dranfield / Director of Sales, Merck Frosst

"Strong, provocative thoughts and ideas."
-Ron Dyck / Director, Capital Management, Bell Canada

"As a scientist, I find this approach to creativity very valuable to get out of thinking ruts, particularly for development and design where purposeful thinking is necessary."
-Dr. Byron Jordan / Senior Scientist, Pulp & Paper Research Institute of Canada

"The skills and attitudes I gained will be useful in both my work and home situations. Fred Rosenzveig was an excellent teacher - well-prepared, informative, flexible, and humorous."
-Linda Rose / Public Service Commission

"This seminar made me aware of new ways to approach problems. I was very much in a rut and these new tools will help broaden my thinking."
-T. Ian Cogan / Public Debt Officer, Bank of Canada

"Recent experience at work (2-week task force) confirms the necessity of lateral versus vertical thinking in problem solving."
-Jean Robitaille / General Manager, Hewitt Equipment Ltd.

"A real boost to the creative juices - both in a marketing / advertising environment and personal creative problem-solving. Thanks for the course!"
-Diane Thomas / Professional Copywriter and Journalist

"This course was extremely significant to me. The concepts opened up a whole new perspective on problem solving. I realize that anyone, including myself, could be creative."
-C. McIver / Senior Policy Analyst, Energy, Mines, Resources, Government of Canada

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