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I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation and would recommend it as a mandatory step in a company's planning process.
My time spent on the above course was extremely productive. Your methodology has assisted me in developing new marketing plans for Pioneer Life, and I also find myself taking a different approach to personal situations on how a person can really improve and control their surroundings.
The thinking skills and creativity process delivered are a must for both operational and strategic planning and I would endorse your program to anyone with those corporate responsibilities.

-David F. Ludwar / V-P, Market Development, Pioneer Life Assurance Co.

Thank you for providing a productive half-day session on Leading Innovation for the senior management group at our off-site meeting in June. Group members both enjoyed and found real value in the interactive innovation tools you introduced. After applying creative thinking techniques to a particular intractable long-standing business issue, the General Manager remarked that the group had done more creative and productive thinking in that half-hour period than during the previous year they had been wrestling with the problem.
The session also raised important strategic issues, and helped the senior management team understand how to encourage and manage the creativity in Effem Inc Associates, and to build on the previous work you did with the managers of our two manufacturing plants.

-Kevin Pollock / Director of Personnel and Organization, Effem Inc.

I would like to thank you and compliment you on your course, "Thinking Skills and Creative Problem Solving". I found the course design, content and personal delivery to be superb.
Creativity is of strategic importance to the financial services industry... Through training in creative problem solving our people can learn to be more innovative and to appreciate, create and nurture organizational cultures that are more flexible and responsive to customer needs.
Compared to various approaches to creativity training I find your work particularly useful. Your methods are easy to learn and apply and appeal to those who seem least receptive to such ideas, namely, the "drivers" - those who so often set the direction and pace of organizational change. I am drafting a proposal to provide an in-house creative problem-solving course for the members of the strategic planning task force and new products group. I intend to recommend you as the trainer. I can think of no stronger endorsement of your work.

-Mark Reno / Director Research and Product Development, The Co-operators

A few words to underline my appreciation of the Thinking Skills and Creative Problem Solving seminar that you offered in-house at the Treasury Board of Canada. I confidently recommend this seminar to all who are dealing with change, be it organizationally and/or personally. Broadening the fundamental awareness of one's preferred problem-solving approach leads to recognition of the "other" extraordinary thinking skills we all possess. Your adept coaching of the processes designed to awaken these dormant thinking skills enable us to deal creatively with the challenges and emotions inherent in managing change and solving problems.
-Paul Castonguay, / Senior Program Officer, Treasury Board of Canada

"This course elevates the art of thinking to its rightful place in management."
-Emile St-Armand / Director of Sports & Recreation, Government of Saskatchewan

"This seminar provided us with the opportunity to grow as we learned through the sharing that went on during team sessions. A mind-expanding experience, and a challenge to share the techniques with others in our organization."
-C.J. Gower / Vice-President, Sales, National Sea Products Ltd.

"Excellent! Never thought that one can learn to think. One of the rare courses which should be compulsory for everyone who makes decisions. The methods I learned in this course are useful not only in business but in all areas of life. This course showed me that creativity is a skill which can be learned."
-Ramesh Gupta / Systems Analyst, Alcan Aluminum

"Emphasizes the need to challenge the obvious and dominant concepts which shape our lives, jobs, methods, etc. I have no doubt it will lead to new and rewarding ideas."
-Dan Stashik / Manager, Nortel Networks

"These skills are useful in raising a family as well as on the job."
-Blair Stevens / Dept. of Regional Industrial Expansion, Government of Canada

"This seminar would be very useful to people in all walks of life who want to explore new avenues of knowledge."
-Jean Arsenault, Director of Training, Dept. of External Affairs, Ottawa

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